Have Diets Failed You? Are You Spending Countless Hours Exercising?

Welcome to Hollywood Liposculpture, whether you’re thin and simply need to take off that bothersome bump or unwanted pooch; or if you are at your heaviest and need a larger amount of bulky fat removed to help get you motivated; Liposculpture can help. Our gentle technique can safely remove as much fat and often more fat than traditional liposuction; up to 5 liters (nearly 1 1/2 gallons) of unwanted fat! 

Permanent body shaping results!
Return to work in as little as 48-72 hours*
No general anesthesia, only local
Minimal scarring
May help to promote Skin Tightening


Our patients come with one common purpose, to get rid of those stubborn bulges that don’t seem to go away. At Hollywood Liposculpture we thrive on patient satisfaction, so your happiness is our goal. We help you achieve results with minimal downtime when compared to traditional liposuction and all without the need for general anesthesia.

 Safety First

Our special Liposculpture techniques can safely remove large quantities of fat in less than one hour in some cases.  In order to ensure achievable results we do require a consultation prior to scheduling a procedure.  Pre operative lab work will be required and can be performed in our office at no additional charge to you. For your safety, all procedures take place in our accredited surgery center.  All of our procedures are performed under a local anesthetic, and our patients walk out of our office after their procedures with dramatic results.

Permanent Results

With Liposculpture, your fat is gone forever! It will not grow back or move to a different area.  If you later gain weight, the change tends to be distributed proportionately over the remaining fat cells throughout your body.  Since you will have up to a 70% reduction of   fat in the treated area, your shape will be less likely to change in that section. 

It Really Works

In contrast with crash diets or hundreds of hours with strenuous exercise, the fat you lose through Liposculpture will not come back. In fact, when you leave you will be able to see and hold the containers of fat that were removed (gross, but it’s really gone!) Our technique may even help to promote skin tightening through stimulating the connective tissue under your skin.

Thank you for choosing Hollywood Liposculpture. We look forward improving your shape. 









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